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Location of the Christmas Concert 

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The unfathomable has actually happened, back on March 17th, an undetermined number of months of my income completely disappeared in less than 72 hours due to Covid-19. I will be doing all I can to provide entertainment through LIVE Stream Concerts to make up some of the lost income.


Another project which I am now actively pursuing is that about a year ago, I made the decision to begin a new journey. This will be a more intimate and meaningful musical experience. I will be sharing my talents to help the healing process for people who are suffering and to provide a therapeutic environment for all.  I will also be working to implement regular musical programming in all of the local hospitals and care centers in and around the Central Coast of California.
The funds that I raise will be applied to living as well as school costs for the Music for Healing and Transitions Practitioners Certificate Program which I am scheduled to begin as soon as possible.

Please Click on the Donate button to read about all the details of this most incredible course!


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