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Brynn Albanese and Pneuma Melodies 


Byrnn Albanese and Pneuma Melodies - "The art and science of providing therapeutic music for body, mind and spirit", is a fiscally sponsored organization under Ecologistics a 501(c)(3) public charity in San Luis Obispo. Learn more on our Donate page.


Pneuma Melodies

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Cambria Concerts Unplugged (CCU) 

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Meet Brynn

of Pneuma Melodies

Brynn Albanese has celebrated a 38-year musical career as a Concert Violinist. 
Brynn is also a Certified Music Practitioner & an End of Life Doula.

Message from Brynn:
"I am excited about changing the face of our local healthcare by enhancing "modern allopathic conventional medicine" with the "complementary care" of music by the bedside in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and memory care centers.
My Project, Pneuma Melodies, will be under the non-profit umbrella of
I will be addressing each facility in the never-ending mission of the "whole person" care plan to help and treat not only the body, but the mind and spirit. This will make for a faster healing process, less medications, and a more relaxed and efficient working environment for our medical heroes who are the doctors, nurses, techs and staff of these facilities.
I would like you to meet me now....Hello, I am Brynn Albanese, I am a Concert Violinist, a Certified Music Practitioner and End of Life Doula!"


Brynn's Services 


Therapeutic Music Healer



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Cambria Concerts Unplugged

Violin and Music Sheet

Please visit my YouTube channel 

Holding Hands


Suzy Van B

If we could all be so lucky to be surrounded by your beautiful music as we transition on from this earth. Thank you for doing what you do. ❤️

Every time I have heard Brynn Albanese, whether at the Performing Arts Center, where she was concert master for many years, playing with Cafe' Musique in California (or in Europe) or with Classinova in San Luis Obispo County, I have been amazed, honored and uplifted. She has raised her skills and gifts to the highest levels of classical and folk music and is engaging in her enthusiasm. I do believe she can play music of any culture on the planet. She is "World-Class."

That was a remarkable performance. Thank you for sharing your talent. What a beautiful setting.  Love the unique violin.   Truly a wonderful educational experience.

Timothy M

Dale H




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